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Virtual law practice = technology driven law practice that engages frictionless solutions to foster the development of a client-centered attorney-client relationship.

A virtual law practice discards the traditional brick and mortar law office in exchange for an efficient, cost savings, technology-driven model to serve the needs of clients. Attorneys in a virtual law practice provide the same services as a traditional law firm, without being tied to a single location. Much, but not all, of the work is done remotely by leveraging legal and business technology. Moreover, unlike document preparation sites, virtual attorneys provide advice and create documents tailored to a client's specific needs.

At K Bennett Law, leveraging technology to meet the needs of the firm's clients is essential to the firm's business model. A law practice that is flexible, works the way businesses work, and knows the law inside and out is vital to meeting the needs of serial entrepreneurs, as well as emerging and growing businesses. 

Providing the best legal service without excess is paramount to the KBL business model. So, if you need to contact K Bennett Law, just pick up the phone, send an email or use this link to schedule a virtual meeting. It's just that easy. The firm is ready to help you protect your brand and business grow today.

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